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Ballet Stars of America. Theatre Municipal — July Salvatore Ac- cardo Schumann. Calck Hook, modem dance stage. Cathedral des Andes flutes, percussions, organs, baroque music. Cathy Berberian, Massinriliano Darner- ini piano.

Evgeni Nesterenko bass, Evgeni Chenderovitdh piano. Festival of Two Worlds td: Alexander Godunov and friends stars of American Ballet Theater. July 5 and Sr Dennis Wayne Dance The- Festival td: StadssdKmwbing — July and Christa Dichgans' vision of New York City. Theatre H erode Aiticus — July 5. Lycabettus Theater — July Shin Yin Shiao piano Berlioz. Smetana , ramie Exhibition. Galerie Woifsberg — To Aug. International Folk Singers ana Dancers.

The Woman Without a Shadow. Stroll up to see the Parthenon, the most glorious symbol of civilisation, visit the museums, the Agora. Go for a day or go for a whole week; either way it will be one of the greatest experiences of your life, whether you choose a luxury cruise ship or an island-hopping ferry.

And you'll discover that Greeks do everything to make sure you return. And if you 'phone now , you can still book m re Tuimn. Greece's holiday season lass right through foeyeax. Just ask your travel agent for the Autumn details J and last minute bookings for Athens Hotels and- Cruises Hting since she was a child.

The man had his study and the ' , oman, at best, her boudoir—which was usu- ly converted into something else. So the house was full of screenwriters, critics and cinema affirionados like Henri Lasglois. Alice Jahier was cast in the role of the Parisian hostess, famous for her wit and her jade eyes, organizing dinner parties and gatherings while yearning to get back to the short story she had been forced to interrupt before lunch.

Psychoanalysis, die says, kept her sane. Valery and she had laun ched into it at a time when it was hardly fashionable to do so. Her analyst was the legendary Marie Bonaparte, a direct descendant of Napoleon who had just been trained by Freud himself.

The truth of the matter is that 1 don't really know what 1 could have said to him, surrounded by all those officers. She longed to get back to Paris, her flat, her books and that private bit of desk she had finally acquired. When she did, she encountered a world that had been transformed beyond recognition. Allies on Chinch Street. The overhead is low, which. Gray pioneered the antique snpennar- ' " ;et concept back in This market was j Hwi oncaved as an unpretentious place away Sntl flW rom the high trade area of London's West ,-nd.

Holes have been knocked through walls, a stairway added here, a passageway there. One shop, located in the basement, has a wonderful assortment of signs: Another stall has an endless array of old souvenirs from ooce-fasbionMe English towns. A small cluster of weatherworn stone houses crests a ridge above a steep ravine.

But to Amedeo di Savoya. Duke of Aosta, D Borro is more than a vestige of another era. The year-old duke owns the isolated village 20 miles southeast of Florence between San Giustino and Arezzo. So it was with almost a paternal pride that he recently welcomed guests at the an gallery in the piazza.

But in spite of the economic climate, Bennie Gray is planning a stall addition to Alfies. He believes that the antiques business will pull out of its slump by the end of the year: The Japanese are said to be the current big spenders. Those antique cloisonne vases for sale on the Ginza return to Tokyo via Alfies. If you are willing to slosh around in the rain with a flashlight at 5 a m. There is no overhead there at all — Bermondsey is an open-air market that closes before commuters begin their morning trip into the city.

People are dickering, bickering, gossiping Go to Alfies and step into a Dickens novel But watch out: The Artful Dodger may be just around the comer. Bui it is not so much the events that make the village.

Rather it is the village that makes the events. Built on the foundations of both Etruscan and Roman settlements. Later a castle was built and purchased in by Borro dal Borro, a nobleman from Milan. When the duke's grand-uncle Vittorio Fmanuele. Count of Turin bought the village as well as 1, acres of adjacent properly in , workers still populated me area. When I came, there were only three families left and 70 percent of the houses were falling to pieces.

Don PasquaJe Mencailini had constructed models of ancient shops that had been indigenous to the area. According to the duke, these models — tiny replicas of a tradition that was disappearing — had given D Bono a new reason for life. Local artisans were hired to reconstruct falling roofs and crumbling walls. And plumbing and electricity were installed. And he willingly agreed, with the stipulation that the houses be decorated in the local tradition — a coat of while paint and simple Tuscan furniture.

Unfortunately, today there's a big push to modernize Tuscany. In addition, just beyond its perimeters are a small airstrip and an exotic animal farm. The airstrip was built partially to make the area more accessible to guests. Parachutists float through the sky, gliders soar from the adjacent Prolomagno range and dedicated engineers fly their model jets and planes. The collection, acquired predominantly from zoos, includes varieties of ostrich, flamingo, peacock, mandarin duck, kangaroo and black Australian swan.

He is thinking about building an open-air theater, modeled after an ancient Greek design, on the slope of the ravine. And be dreams of bringing artists, musicians and tourists from all over the world together at U Borro. It must remain small, well- organized and cozy. Near Tangle- wood and Summer Theatres.

Sports, Pool, Tennis, Golf and Riding. Full accreditation, unhenhy prep, grades Situated at 1, m. In a beautiful alpine resort near Lausanne In 1B20 and Geneva - All summer and winter sports - Exceptional skiing facilities.

Independent chalet for senior girls. Clues S Abroad Outside N. Mffiotever your level, you may acquire o mastery of y French to suit your professional or cultural needs. Cnra e tf tefraa and library ore avafchln to students supervised fay a professor. Bredrare with enrolment fees, alone or with board and lodging: Human Relations, and Economics and Finance. The great wonder of Italian Baroque is, of course, that Bologna was only one, and not the foremost, of cities to cherish and support a host of master painters.

Both Cesare Dandini and Carlo Dolci were the ornaments, early and late, of Florentine Baroque, and both were child prodigies.

And whenever reserves were too high — and pre-sale estimates, accordingly, overly optimistic — the pictures went back,. Typical of the new sober approach was the failure of a Picasso study of foliage virtually reduced to pure abstraction despite its early dating—the summer of It is painted in tempera on poor quality paper that has been laid down on canvas.

The paper has gone yellow and is likely to turn darker still. Professionals are never keen to take dunces. The work would look good in a museum but there weren't any museums in the r unning that day and it was left stranded. Nevertheless it holds within it, especially in the treatment of the solemn visages of Salome, the executioner and the serving maid, the seeds of his later characterizations.

Much traveled was Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione , who worked first in his birthplace Genoa, then in Rome, Mantua and Venice.

It is a creature in every sense of the word, of great magnificence. So is the idea: Children are picking up apples in a kind of fairy-tale atmosphere very much influenced by Symbolism. Such paintings are extremely rare. The high buy-in rate was due to the failure of several important lots that carried exaggerated reserve prices.

It is highly significant of the quiet mood of the week that, here again, flop. Proof that the reticence in such cases is caused by sheer common sense rather than high interest rates is to. A boring but, some art historians say. A large Cubist study of a man drinking Koiuris have not run short of money. How to climb down-frtjm tbe dizzy heights without creating chaos. Apparently, the problem has bednisotyed. The four shops trace back to a former World Bank executive by the name of Diego Hidalgo and his young business colleagues in Paris and London.

For more than years from to , it hung in Denton Park, Yorkshire, the seat of the Ibbetson family, while another similar Rosa landscape has long pheus' robe royal blue, his shoulder strap and the strings of his lyre an intense coral pink.

Passionate for detail, with the technical ability of a great master and a sense of dramatic color, Dolca has created an unforgettable image of innocence and evil. Proceeds from the sale of catalogues will go for the restoration of the Guarino paintings at Solofra and the Giottesque frescoes in Santa Chiara. S32 or equivalent in any Europeancurrency - plus postage: Complete iniA return tlw coupon with your check or BWfly order in the currency of your choice to: Unlike many handicraft shops in the British capital, it is crammed with goods from five continents, including Europe.

Noting that wallcoverings don't sdLwefl in England, Collins poin ts wi ih pride to tte rggs. JTiis intimate space on the Left Bank. There are beautiful handmade pottery ryots from Mali that look Eke they cost much more than a mere 50 frants, African chairs hewed from pure wood l,l50 francs , woodftapkm 7. The Paris shop also serves as amart gaBay: The show, now touring France, tional scenes. Mombru, himself the proud owner of a Lesotho tapestry that how decorates his office wall, hopes to channel more products from up- coming FRIDA prqjects into FRIDA shops, probably wooden toys and- ceramics.

JuM 16 - July 11 Workdays find. Catalog vkfc 68 cater plrtw S. He and others say thestudy is im- - -portent in tstablishmgthe cause of childhood bram tumors and the hazards ofwcxkplace chemicals. It also found three Hmw mnw exposure to chemicals among mothers of children than among mothers in the control group.

The panel, headed by physicist Dale R. Corson said in an interview Thursday that the members of the committee were unanimous on the issue. The idea was first proposed in S by Peter Glaser, an official of the private consulting and research firm Arthur D. They said there bad been no cases of the disease diagnosed in men who are not homosooial or in women.

It is the second loafing cause of death among chfl- dren, afterleukemia," they said. Pertini, - Ao visited China in September. It hfts been heavily supported by the bdeaguercd savings.

Tbe sources, asking not to be identified, did not provide details of the attack in winch the Rev. MarcheDo Marurao, 51, died. It said an m Airlines plane was the target, and had it cot been for a mmnte takeoff delay, government officials said, the bomb might have gone off in- the air. Informed opinion spiced with incisive humor. Hus sports and culture, features and funnies, puzzles arid personalities. Compact and concise, quick and dear, the Trib is designed to suit the lifestyle, fit the workstyle of today's decision makers.

People with a sense of proportion. Receive the IHT every day at your home or office. Take advantage of our special introductory discount: Return the coupon today. Benefit from a broader viewpoint. The cancer often causes swollen lymph glands, and then kills by spreading throughout the body. The report notes 26 of the cases — 20 in New York and 6 in California.

Crafting Reports Nine of the 41 cases known to Dr. The medical investigators say some indirect evidence actually points away from contagion as a cause. Police said it was a high-velocity bullet, and Mr. The report said that two workers welding a pipe at the plant were killed instantly Thursday and the body of a woman, presumably a passerby, was found lata in die nibble: The shooting came in the midst of a furor over Mr.

Paisley said he would form a Protestant army to fight the Catholics of the IRA in Northern Ireland and vowed to torpedo a cautious new British proposal to give the Catholics a say in ru nning the province. Atkins announced another such initiative Thursday. The European corporation, headquartered in London, England, is growing rapidly with subsidiaries in all major countries.

The already substantial user base and organisation is increasing at a fast pace throughput each territory. The development of existing and new systems products requires the growth of a powerful systems engineering group throughout each business area in Europe, to service the increasing needs of customers, maintaining the reputation and quality of service previously referred.

Experience Required Reporting to senior H. Additional attractive experience will include management of a major IBM user site. The candidate will demand high professional standards, be ambitious, business orientated, highly motivated and have a successful track record of hiring skilled professionals in Europe.

The Director of European Systems Engineering will be experienced in working with senior management executives in close teamwork with user and client personnel.

Working languages are French and English. Pot this dynamic position at executive management level we require someone with: Function responsibilities; Among the responsibilities assigned to the Director of Training are: Taking into account knowledge and experience of the appointed candidate, the salary can vary from Dfl.

Applications before August 15th ; to be addressed to: They wfafi to add to their team af i n d mafioad portfo B e managers and financial analysts one and possibly two investment p r of e irion c d i. Experience is required in at least one af the fallowing fields: Swim nuBunutit y or vafid Swiss work permit required for Geneva assignment.

No in f or m ation staS be dndosed to anybody without your speahe consent, given offer on interview wrth a local MSL consutiont. JBi ifi old Am. Cincom Systems International, the leading software company in Europe with 12 wholly owned offices, operating in eight countries, is looking for a highly trained professional in public 'relations, sales promotion and advertising.

Fluency in French and German desirable. A minimum of eight years experience is expected. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with this. Send confidential resume to: July 3,1m m MfttutfChem. NjQ, 30MB Mar ag. C meet me at 48k: Secretary of Energy, will open the second day of this international meeting with on address on the Reagan administration energy policy. A panel format will be used extensively to stimulate exchange among all participants and produce fresh insight and recommendations on what must be done now.

Electric Company, Westport, Conn. Moorma Marshas oU pert. Eoti Side Mnnh omev holf block from UN. Order your U 5. Sand chedt to Grace Am ado rns. TeL- 68 Burmah Friday lost a claim in London. Sales in the German '. Down the line are precision tools, industrial chemicals, and synthetic fibers. It sees the end of the age of cheap textiles and consumer electronics.

Jed for insolvency proceedings. Smafler Than Expected J. Japanese borrowers continue to dominate -the private placement field. Paribas Suisse and J. Nomura Switzeriand and Fuji Bank Schweiz. S- parent, Boise Cascade Corp. Rut Singles Out U. Rising oil prices over the years also cut into the profits of cheap-labor industries.

The cost of oil tripled in Taiwan in two years. The oil price increase sent a wave of inflation coursing through the economy. It hit 20 percent last year and will probably subside to about 15 percent this year. The Taiwan dollar, which is tied to the U. Taiwan has overcome the economic fears aroused when the United States announced in that it would normalize relations with China and scale down relations with Taiwan.

In the years after normalization of U. There was a near per cent increase in foreign investments between and , and the number of foreign banks in Taiwan rose to 21 from From a strictly banking stand point. Taiwan is better off now that it was before normatizaiion.

Government funds have sent hundreds of technical and engineering students to foreign countries to learn the new trades. Most of the technology has been bought from the United States. The Industrial Technology Research Institute directs the effort, buying the technology, training management, setting S i pilot projects and ultimately turning over e new industries to private firms.

The success or failure will not be known for years. Some outside critics think the pace of the move upward is far too slow. Officials of the institute also concede there is still a problem finding lop management skilled in high technology, and research and development. Company investment dropped sharply, by 3.

The statistics office also said that French wholesale prices rose a provisional 1. The year-on-year increase rose to The statistics office said overall French production fell 13 percent in the first quarter after a fourth-quarter decline of 0. Beginning this year, the bank will publish monetary statistics in its publication Banking in China quarterly, and then monthly when conditions permit, the agency said. It said total loanable funds at the end of were At the end of Another noted that a World Bank report on China's economy is expected next month and may throw more light on the subject.

He has worked for the company since Exports in the first five months of rose 6 percent from a year ago to billion DM and imports rose 5 percent to billion DM. The cumulative current account deficit for the first five months of the year stood at billion DM. This comprises a 4. The trade report had little effect bn the foreign currency markets, where the dollar was trading at around 2.

Although some felt the figure to be lower tium expected, most considered it somewhat high. Again, there is insufficient knowledge of how much gets into he statistics, they said. Also, they said analysts can only guess at what method of valuation was used for the gold component, or whether China has been a net seller or buyer of gold abroad in recent years.

A hearing as set for Friday. Another meeting was scheduled for next week. The meeting Thursday was held to vote on a compromise reached late Iasi month between European bankers and a steering committee of U.

About banks around the world are involved in the negotiations. Many bankers, however, fear that by then the Soviet Union may have sent troops into Poland. The resistance pul up by the U. The interest rate would be 1. The new Pemex director, Julio Moctezuma Cid. Earlier Friday, in Tokyo. Until a serious opportunity occurs the only lime required is to read through iheoewsJeircr.

Even if your present career is reasonably satisfactory you should keep in touch with possibilities and remunerations outside. Belgium bf - Canada C5 Other countries outside Europe: FF or US S re. At Imperial Commodities Ltd. However you wish to operate, we can help you. With a first class dealing service. V di advice as and when you want it. Or by running your account on a completely discretionary basis. Look-Alike Commodities gins to search for the faintest signs of a silver linin g.

The Rothmans Concise Guide to London. It shows you the best restaurants not necessarily the most expensive , the most rewarding antique markets and shops, and many historical features of this great city. Or phone Paris , exL So carefully does he cite their views that one almost begins to be seduced by the logic or. Take any one — it could be good, it could be bad. But these are only the faintest glimmerings of hope.

The journey took the foot boat and its man crew across the Indian coast, past Sri Lanka, on to Sumatra, Singapore, and finally to Canton. The dbow ran into heavy winds on the leg from Singapore to the South China coast but nonetheless made it to Canton in good condition.

With customary dispatch, Borg served out the match at 15 finishing with a hanktianH volley into an open court as Connors dashed madly, trying to retrieve one last Borg bullet. The holder had held, again. Then he paused for a second. After all, he was two sets down to Mark Edmondson in Each, on its day, stopped the tennis world in its tracks. He was tewing,, And he knew it. This was the best This match of nearly 2, shots — nearly 99 percent of them concussive blasts and the other 1 percent drop-shots and lobs of killing delicacy — was one of distinct crisis pomts.

The last of those sublimely tense junctures was the one that both players remembered most vividly, for it transformed the field of battle for the final time. As preamble to that instant, this synopsis: His goal was a three-set blitz. He nearly got iL Burning energy with no thought of the cost, Connors, who now has lost his last 10 meetings with Borg since , broke in the ninth game of the second set and bad two sets in hand in just 82 minutes. Laon Impasse du Chat qui pêche.

Rue P a ra. Le 9 juin , Montpellier a accueilli Érasme de Rotterdam entre autres. En direct avec "On ne va pas lui donner un carton d'invitation, lui dérouler le tapis rouge à chaque fois". Pubblicati i gli darà 5 soldi mirgorensi a montpellier, dove gli restituirà anche. Chat Italy - Chat gratis senza registrazione, cerco persone per chattare. Questi primi anni sono.. Non sprecate il vostro tempo invano! Registrati gratis e ottenere chattare. Des discussions très appréciable, il pourra vous donner des infos sur les.

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